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:iconmogstomp:mogstomp posted a status

Uh oh, I'm doing it again!

I'm currently on track to run an "Intro to Digital Art" panel at Keycon 2017 which occurs on May 19th - 21st. No programming times at the moment, but I'll share them as I get them!

If people came to my Ai-Kon 2016 panel of this, and have suggestions for what I should also go over, I'm all ears!

Intro to Digital Art
Attempting to create artwork on a new medium can be scary.. but it's really a lot easier than you think! Dip your toes in the water with beginner tips to help you transition from traditional drawing methods to creating digital art. We'll cover tools such as which software and hardware options are available at which price points with a showcase of different methods to get you started! Focus will be on introductory guidance on how to transition your colouring, shading and inking to the computer. We'll have a few tablets at the panel and hopefully we can take someone's drawing from the audience to show how fun the process can be! Demonstrations and tutorials will be centered around Clip Studio Paint.

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